Lucky Person of IT 2004

I know everyone are busy in playing their roles in the game called "LIFE" designed by GOD ... Meanwhile don't forget to watch this Game which decided who is the LUCKY person of our IT - Anbu selvi

Amir's Favourite Dance!

This is one of his BEST dance and as well his repeated dance on the whole trip ...

Ok... I'm hearing all your voice that you want some space to comment this video.. :-) Please continue

FYI: He watched Kadhal Kondaen Film for more than 30+ times.

Rocking Dance Performance on the Road

It's now very surprising to see how we Danced on the Road... It makes us remember our favourite quote of our college

Engalakku Payatheriyum
Pathunga theriyum Anal ....
Bayapadatheriyadhu .

I'm sure no one would have enjoyed their college life as like NCE IT 2004 passout batch.. Am I right Friends?

Farewell Moments

I don't want to add any comment to add more colour for this Video, as it remains self explainatory by showing how much happy we were in college days & how much pain we had and at the time of farewell

Can we all say Hello to each others to refresh our memories!!!!

Delhi Clips

Super Star!!!!! ......... I will next upload our Farewell Video's :-)